Alexander Peter Hihler
International SEO | Digital PR | Content Marketing
3.5 billion Google searches are performed daily.

Every institution has a story - a brand concept that will not only engage audiences, but that can deliver on measurable business goals when communicated through digital media. As a search specialist, my job is to share it, and to achieve maximum visibility right from the start.

I graduated from the University of St Andrews School of Management in 2014, and am currently working as an SEO Manager for Babbel, the world's top grossing language-learning app. I strive to bring 100% to the work that I do, and my goal working in search is to utilise my skills to increase awareness for causes I value. More than anything, these are education and life-long learning.


Outside of the office, I lead the digital marketing efforts of the University of St Andrews Alumni Club in Berlin, and practice to teach Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga as certified by the American Yoga Alliance. I love meeting inspiring individuals. Contact me at

Skills: Content Marketing, Link Building, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Usability, HTML, CSS, Keyword Optimisation, Outreach, Magento, Content Distribution, Landing Page Development, Competitor Link Analysis, Stakeholder Management, SEO Copywriting, Magnolia, Online Research, Web Analytics, Online Communities




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Onpage SEO

SEO Audit

(1) Competitor Research (2) Crawling And Indexing (3) Accessibility (4) Link Analysis (5) Keyword Analysis (6) Content Evaluation (7) On-Page Optimization (8) Site Architecture and Design (9) Business Strategy

Performance Analysis

(1) Indexation and crawlability (2) Site speed (3) Sitemap management (4) Content quality and quantity (5) Keyword relevance (6) User experience (7) Social signals (8) Content freshness (9) Broken links (10) Backlink portfolio

Keyword Research

Research into and identification of your keyword set should result in three segments: - Transactional - Navigational - Informational

Rank Analysis

(1) Identify volatities in rankings (2) Examine root causes of low(ered) visibility for those keywords (3) Re-optimise URLs most relevant to business sucess (4) Decrease dependencies on "money keywords" by widening keyword portfolio

Offpage SEO

Off-Page Strategy

(1) Build and invest into scaleable content assets which can win links organically (2) Increase business acumen for sustainable link acquisition internally (3) Identify, interview and onboard external partners if required (4) Assess performance impact of acquired links based on clear, predetermined success metrics (5) Adjust link targets depending on performance and business needs

Technical SEO

CMS Systems

(1) Support the introduction of the right CMS for SEO optimisation purposes (2) Consult on crucial features to implement that can increase the speed and bandwith of content publication (3) Test and help reiterate features which can break down dependencies between departments

Content Marketing

Freelancer Recruitment

(1) Search and interview freelancers (2) Disseminate transparent guidelines on which collaborations should be based (3) Manage, coach and develop freelance personnel to become part of the organisation's virtual team.

Editorial Content Strategy

(1) Encourage sustainable growth through long-tail keyword research (2) Identify and assess the potential of trending topics to adopt (3) Create editorial calendars to ensure continuous content throughout and internal planning (4) Provide SEO guidelines for content research and -optimisation throughout (5) Allow for a balance between "evergreen"-content and hot-button editorial topics

SEO Style Guidelines

(1) Introduction to keyword planner (2) Meta snippets optimisation (3) Keyword density (4) Quality and quantity of content (5) Best-practice linking (6) Usage of images, videos, quizzes and polls


Meet the institutions which allowed me to learn.

01/2011 – 06/2012

Maastricht University

Student Assistant Marketing

11/2014 – 08/2016

Rocket Internet SE

Online Marketing Manager

09/2016 – 12/2017

Geschenkidee D&A GmbH

International SEO Manager

04/2018 – Current

Babbel I Lesson Nine GmbH

SEO Manager

05/2018 – Current

University of St Andrews

Co-Founder & Head of Marketing Alumni Club Berlin



From press placements to campaigns, browse my latest work.
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Предоставляют ли ваши водители услуги грузчиков?

Это возможно за дополнительную оплату по договорённости с самими водителями.

Возможна ли у вас доставка негабаритных грузов?

Да, мы занимаемся перевозкой негабаритных грузов.

Осуществляете ли вы доставку сборных грузов?

Да, мы осуществляем перевозки сборных грузов.

Можно ли с вашей помощью доставить опасный груз, или жидкости?

Да, мы доставляем все виды опасных грузов, а также жидкости.

Оплачивается ли время простоя автомобиля в пробке?

Мы стараемся оптимизировать свою работу, и тщательно составляем маршрут доставки груза с учетом загруженности дорог. В случае попадания автомобиля в пробку, время простоя не оплачивается.

Возможна ли перевозка животных?

Да, мы перевозим животных. Безопасная перевозка, в кабине водителя.


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