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Every institution has stories to tell - stories that will not only engage audiences, but that can deliver on measurable business goals when communicated through digital media. In 2019, the backbone of marketing for every e-commerce website lies in search engine optimisation. As a search specialist, I am the conduit between the online brand and the future customer.

I graduated from the University of St Andrews School of Management in 2014, and am currently working as an SEO Manager for Babbel, the world's top grossing language-learning app. I strive to bring 100% to the work that I do, and my goal is to utilize my skills to raise visibility for causes I cherish. More than anything, these causes have been education and life-long learning.


Outside of the office, I lead the digital marketing efforts of the University of St Andrews Alumni Club in Berlin, and practice to teach Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga as certified by the American Yoga Alliance. I love meeting inspiring individuals. Contact me at

Specialties: Content Marketing, Link Building, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Usability, HTML, CSS, Keyword Optimisation, Outreach, Magento, Content Distribution, Landing Page Development, Competitor Link Analysis, Stakeholder Management, SEO Copywriting, Magnolia, Online Research, Web Analytics, Online Communities



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○ Institution: Maastricht University

○ Country: The Netherlands

○ Duration: 2010 - 2013

○ Program language: English

○ Degree: Bachelor of Arts


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